Pool Fill Ins

Using our state of the art modern equipment, we offer a clean and affordable way to fill up your old or unwanted pool to create a backyard living space you can once again use and enjoy. We don't use just any dirt or free topsoil that may be contaminated. We purchase all our granular from pits to unsure you never run into future contamination problems. With the use of heavy compaction equipment and thorough practices we can assure you that you will not have sinking or settling.

Furthermore, allow us to finish the top and final layer to your liking. We can provide you countless creative ideas to beautify the area, be it with sod, plants, or stunning interlock patio that will bring more function to your backyard. If it is your intention is to remove or fill in your old or unwanted pool, allow our experienced staff to create a backyard landscape that you can use and be proud of.

Click on the thumbnails below to view a larger picture of our pool fill in work.